Technical packaging

Inexpensive, able to be produced at short notice, standardised - for technical products.

Thermoformed parts made of plastic are ideal as packaging for components and goods carriers.

Mopac has a wide range of materials that are ideally suited to your manufacturing processes; for the protection of electronic components there are also materials with static dissipative electrical conductivity that meet ESD requirements. Inexpensive, produced at short notice and delivered «on demand».


The technical system design of the Mopalettes ESD, HD and ECO is based on our many years of experience and the goal of optimising individuality and cost reduction. Reusable and disposable goods carriers contain the highest possible degree of standardisation.

Mopalettes offer the following advantages:

  • Attractive tooling costs, as only the mould plates are customer bound.
  • Highest possible degree of standardisation based on Euro pallets
  • Parallel use of «Mopalette HD» and «Mopalette Eco» without any problems
  • ESD dissipative design possible for reusable and disposable packaging